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June is our inaugural session for BRANDSPRING®. In four weeks we're going to help you solidify, validate and rapid prototype your idea. We've gathered some of the best thinkers, strategists, business leaders, legal experts, designers, engineers and developers in Florida to lead you from idea to pitch ready prototype.

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TECH 60® - Central Florida

After three years of being under cover and countless dialogues with tech communities all over the nation, we are unveiling TECH60®. We can't give all the details out right now, but we can tell you Central Florida's tech and start-up scene is about to get a shot of adrenaline! Much more news is on the horizon, so let us know if you want to be informed as we unit and grow this community!

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Every Wednesday at 6:30pm

When you're young, dreams and ideas are abundant but seem to be just out of reach. You can't grow up fast enough so people take you seriously as an inventor or entrepreneur. This program was made for you. Once you're enrolled, you meet with our mentor and team weekly to begin working on your ideas, while learning how to make them a reality!

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Have that idea you’ve been working on for years or one that you just haven’t started?

Turn Your Idea Into A ProductGetting traction with your idea can be one of the most daunting tasks for a new start-up. Have you asked yourself any of these: How to protect your idea? When to find a business partner? Where can I get investment? How do you quickly validate an idea without going broke? These are all questions we will cover in this four week boot camp for ideas. Come to BRANDSPRING with what you have and leave with something worthy of being on store shelves.
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Get ready for 4 weeks of hands on, fast paced sessions designed to develop, test and validate your idea. For the next 30 days, you’ll be turning your idea into a viable business venture while, industry experts lead you over a few major start-up hurdles.
1Kick Start Big Ideas You have an idea for a product, mobile application, non-profit or other business and want to jump start it into motion. We have many of the branding, legal, strategy and engineering partners to help you make that happen.
2Keep Your Day Job We know you have a day job, family, classes and other daytime commitments to keep you from building your dream full-time. That’s OK. Don’t quit your day job, work with us nights and weekends to develop your idea!
3Test & Prove Ideas You may have the best idea since the energy drink, but will it work? Will it sell? In 4 weeks we will refine your idea, rapidly prototype it and complete market validation so you are staged for series A funding or commercialization.
Design Thinking & Ideation
You will be stretching, molding, expanding and pushing your idea to the limits. You’ll learn how to detach emotionally from your idea in order to creatively find the best possible solutions.
Patents, Trademarks & Legal Stuff
Our legal partners explain when and how to protect your idea, registering the right type of business, licensing or selling your product, how shares/stock work and setting up partnerships.
Branding & Customer Development
Get familiar with the branding process. Utilize previous weeks design thinking and trademark knowledge to define your product to potential customers. Begin logo and visual elements design.
Publicity, Social Media & Marketing
Even with the best possible idea, customers don’t just line up to buy it. Learn where to get free publicity, how to successfully exploit social media and how to engage potential customers.
Final Presentations & Pitches
This is not a typical week. You will spend most of your time creating a presentation, finalizing your most recent prototype iteration and preparing all your results from the program for a live pitch.
What goes on when your not in session?
You’re connecting with our development partners to create early iterations of your idea, running focused street trials with potential customers and applying our sessions in actual settings.

Meet The BRANDSPRING Mentors & Guest Advisors


Travis Webster

Founder of Collide Co., Travis has been consulting start-up companies in strategy, brand engagement and interaction since 2005. BrandSpring is the outcome of many social experiments, collaborative studies and his consulting practice.


Darren Engle

Having worked in corporate America for years, Darren is a first hand example of stepping out on faith. In three years he has taken his small research, design and development company to over $1 Million per year through multinational operations.


Eddy Moratin

Eddy Moratin is the President of EMI and the Executive Director of Lifework Leadership Orlando; the premier Christian leadership program dedicated to transforming emerging business leaders in Central Florida.


Brittany Botti

Social Marketing Consultant based out of Clermont, Florida – working with clients in the Central Florida area as well as nationwide. I believe that social media gives the small town store, family business, and underfunded nonprofit the advantage over large corporations.

What Next? After You Graduate The Program?

What You Leave With :

  • In four weeks you will have been immersed in nearly every aspect of basic start-up practices and rapid product validation. You will leave with a proper strategy to use as a guide as you move forward beyond this program.
  • Your idea is now a validated beta prototype. The prototype is still just a proof of concept used to demonstrate to investors, manufacturer and other business development channels. You will still need refinement, industrial design and possibly engineering before it is production ready.
  • Your idea is no longer a “whacha-ma-gig thing”, it has a name, an audience, a brand personality and voice.
  • Through the weeks you have worked with teams of industry savants, been introduced to expert mentors who are willing to help and learned where to find specific resource that can will further grow your new venture.
Where Do I Go Next? :

  • Don’t loose steam. Just because the program is over does not mean slow down. You need to be persistent and aggressive develop your start-up. Continue building a team, network and vendor chain that will work along side you as you grow.
  • Most of our mentors run businesses dedicated to their specific field. Depending on the stage you are at, connecting with them on a professional level will be highly beneficial to your success.
  • Every session, The Collide Factory core team selects a few of the most promising new ideas to strategically develop beyond the programs. Those companies typically partner with us through the entire commercialization and distribution process. Not all ideas qualify for this long-term development program.

Have that idea you’ve been working on for years or one that you just haven’t started?

Finally!, An Answer For Florida’s Techpreneurs If you haven’t noticed yet, Florida is packed with quickly growing tech communities and emerging start-ups. There’s no lack of places to plug in, share, learn or just have a beer with local geeks working on client projects or their own venture. TECH60 is a newly formed union of national Tech Leaders that want to take Florida to another level… Once a year a shot of adrenaline will be pumped into Florida and the tech community will unite for 30 days of insane, supercharged start-up madness. Below is a glimpse of what is on the horizon.
We’ve started a race to discover and fund the next 60 tech super-companies. Once a year the hots techpreneurs, big thinkers, developers, designers and strategist will converge on Central Florida for an entire month packed with tech events that will blow your mind.
Fresh new ideas, pitch to find the most popular and viable start-up.
Seconds for each to prove their tech idea is worthy to be developed.
Hours every weekend packed with guest speakers and workshops.
Days to develop each tech idea into an investment ready beta launch.
Weeks of operational funding for growth awarded to the top teams.
WWW.TECH60.COM The TECH60 website will be coming soon!
A race to discover, develop and fund the next 60 top tech start-ups! Tech 60 Summit is not a hyped up weekend for geeks to just hang out and haphazardly through together teams or founders. It’s not just a conference with a bunch of glitz and glam or geek training camp. TECH 60 summit is the worlds fair of tech events. It’s a purpose built, intense month designed to gather creatives, developers and business minds who have what it takes to originate from scratch, game changing web or mobile ideas, that will become the next 60 top tech companies.

It’s Like A Giant Geek Moshpit!

Designers Every tech start-up needs design, brand development and funky t-shirts to pass out at next years SXSW. If your a designer your skill will be a hot commodity.
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Developers Let’s get to work. We don’t care which of the geek languages you speak (html, php, java, ruby .net…) as long as you collaborate well and know what you’re doing.
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Strategists You’ve got the special sauce that makes a tech startup a worthy venture. We’ll need your expertise with legal, positioning, marketing, Ideation, UX and more.
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Everyone You know who you are. The publicity hounds, branding brains, marketers, video/photo peeps and everyone else who bring products to market.
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Build your idea or prototype with us every Wed at 6:30pm

The fast track to becoming the next generation of pioneers. We are looking for the next generation of big dreamers, innovators, inventors and leaders. Collide Factory is a group of 13-19 boys and girls who eagerly and passionately want to learn how to pursue their ambitions and dreams. Ultimately this select group will analyze, develop strategies and create solutions for a series of complex problems using our The Collide Factory think lab.
When you’re young, imagination runs wild, everything is possible and the world is just waiting to discover you. We get it and want to give students every tool, resource and opportunity to develop their ideas into successful ventures.
If you’re a student read this! We know what its like to be sitting in class, daydreaming about your big idea, project, event or business concept. Nothing is more important than getting it ready, sharing with your family and friends and looking for a little extra money to get you to the next step. Your passionate about your project but somehow the people around you just don’t get it, they don’t think the same as you and their dreams just aren’t as big as yours are. That’s why we made The Collide Factory, to connect you with others that have big dreams and want to make them a reality. You, emerging thinkers and entrepreneurs are the lifeblood of the next generation and Collide Factory will provide you with the tools, resources, mentors and manpower to become the leaders of your generation. Join us every Wednesday at 6:30pm as we create, share and build your dream.
If you’re an old person read this. We need your support. The youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow and we believe those leaders need to be thinkers, dreamers and entrepreneurs rather than the next vapid reality TV star. Here’s an opportunity to mentor, educate and give encouragement to those emerging young adults who are ambitious and self motivated. Collide Factory is a hands on workshop, dedicated to demonstrating the steps to creating a business or product, being financially smart and leading teams of people. Kids ages 13 to 19 meet at the Collide Factory once a week to socialize with business leaders, mentors and peers. Each attendee is placed on a team relative to their skill set and age. These teams think as a group, solve hypothetical situations applicable to real world business problems and work together on Collide Factory team challenges.

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